Sarah & Michael

“Our family has been very fortunate to have found Barbori. We had initially contacted her while planning our wedding. We got the chance to hear Barbori during a family event we booked before our wedding. Hearing her play at this event we had no doubt in having her perform during our wedding ceremony. She is incredibly kind and very easy to work with. Her suggestions were amazing and she was so easy to work with as she remained incredibly flexible. As well she helped us keep our ceremony personal and provided wonderful and familiar songs during our wedding ceremony. We got many compliments on the ceremony music. Thank you Barbori you really helped make our day special!”

~ Sarah and Michael from Calgary, Married August 2015 in Canmore

    (Photo to the right from Sarah & Michael's wedding - photo taken 

     by Barboria Bjarne

Sarah and Michael's wedding in the mountains in Canmore, AB, with violin playing by BG Mountain Studio.
Music recital group photo.

I have always loved the sound of a violin. I can usually pick out a violin playing in any song. For my 53rd birthday, my husband gave me a beginner violin and 10 hours of lessons with Barbori Garnet. I think I may have been Barbori’s first student.

In my wildest imagination I would never have thought I could learn to play the violin. Yet, after approximately 60 hours of instruction and regular practice, I can read music and comfortably play pieces on the violin. I owe this to Barbori’s patient and determined instruction and, of course, to practice, practice and more practice which is essential to improving.

Barbori’s musical and artistic background is evident in her teaching. She is dedicated to the progression of her students. Her focus is not only on technique but also on the dynamics of a piece which really makes a difference. Our one hour sessions include exercises to improve technique, followed by the playing of 2 to 3 violin pieces.

Over the last 3 years I have been witness to Barbori’s grow as an instructor. Her increased confidence and continued dedication to her students enhance the learning process.

At my age, playing the violin is strictly for pleasure. I envy Barbori’s younger students who are learning and could one day make a living at playing a musical instrument.

I highly recommend Barbori for students of any age who wish to learn the violin

Kathryn & Scott

Thanks a bunch!!


You were wonderful  :)


Loooooots of compliments on your playing!

~ Kathryn & Scott from Calgary, Married August 2013 in Banff

    (Photo to the right from Sarah & Michael's wedding - photo taken 

     by Barboria Bjarne

Kathryn and Scott's mountain wedding in Banff, AB, with violin playing by BG Mountain Studio.
Alexandra and Kyle's outdoor wedding in Calgary, AB, with violin playing by BG Mountain Studio.
Alexandra & Kyle

The first time my fiance (now husband!) and I heard Barbori play we knew she was perfect for our wedding ceremony!  Barbori was so easy to work with - we really appreciated how open she was to our requests.  Other than being a great violinist, Barbori is a genuinely nice person - I was impressed with her kind demeanor and how she was willing to be a part of our rehearsal! The ceremony was a bit of a blur, but I do remember thinking how lovely the music was. Thanks again, Barbori, for being a part of our special day!

~ Alexandra & Kyle from Calgary, Married July 2014 in Calgary

   (Photo to the left from Sarah & Michael's wedding - photo taken      

    by Barboria Bjarne

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